MBDance ABUNDANCE Fundraising Campaign for “These are the bodies that have not borne.”

Please join MBDance as we journey toward the premiere of These are the bodies that have not borne.

Our new work is a monument, a healing portal, a reckoning for those of us who have not birthed another human through our bodies. Rooted in soil, directed by Maria Bauman, assisted by Audrey Hailes, and co-created with a brilliant group of Black, Brown, queer and transgender creatives, this ritual performance unearths technologies to celebrate, reimagine and nourish our wombs and the places where our wombs might be. Informed by ritual, land art, earth stewardship, social engagement, testimony and choreography, These are the bodies that have not borne. will premiere at Feathertail Farm in Summer 2025 in Hudson, New York. 

Please invest in our summer research! We are excitedly looking forward to developmental residencies this summer at Bearnstow in Maine, The Field Center in Vermont, Feathertail Farm in Hudson, as well as working with amazing community organizations, Operation Unite NY, Kite’s Nest and Athens Cultural Center.

So far we have shared an in-process excerpt at BAAD!, curated an on-going multi-thematic workshop series, Glorious Bodies and expanded further with communities of land stewards, artists, organizers in New York State and beyond. 

Thank you for investing in our artmaking and community building. We appreciate you!

We are calling in at least $20,000 to:

  • Provide thriving wages for the 14 collaborating artists  
  • Cover travel, housing, and per diem costs for our creative residencies outside New York City
  • Keep imagining, researching and creating the work beyond this summer

    As a thank you all investors will be listed on the MBDance website and in programs for the in progress sharings.