About Our Classes



MBDance classes focus on broadening dancers’ physical resources while remaining true to their current range and strengths–contemporary dance emphasizing powerful, spatial fluidity and floorwork. We sweat our truths, flying into the floor safely and using our hands like feet!

MBDance classes are based on modern, post-modern, and social dance techniques. They prepare dancers to share themselves with clarity and with control as well as with vulnerability and artistry. We use a variety of strategies to help dancers hone their responsiveness to other dancers and to both traditional and unexpected performance environments.

The popular notion of a “neutral body,” often described in contemporary dance classes, does not exist within MBDance class sessions. Rather, we honor and add to storied bodies, mythological bodies, bodies-in-creation, and bodies-as-manifestos. We recognize and tune in to our bodies as dancing testaments to survival, to expressivity, to inter-dependence, to pleasure, and to defiance.

You can watch video and learn more about that work at www.maria66.sg.com.