(re)Source context video


(re)Source is an evening-length live danced and spoken artwork performed inside an installation (crafted by Bauman in consultation with Zimbabwean-born interdisciplinary artist Nontsikelelo Mutiti) of taut strings and framed images which immersively surrounds and implicates the audience. Creator Maria Bauman dances through, with, in, and in spite of the visual, sonic and human landscapes which house (re)Source. The performance-ritual is unique and steeped in immediacy every time Bauman-Morales inhabits it; (re)Source is a scored improvisation wherein Bauman dances, sings, and speaks through the assets in her family (both the Blackfolks and whites), what it has taken to make it through Trump’s U.S., and what her research into maroonage and her own ancestors have to do with all of that. She employs some of her families’ histories as a complex microcosm of race relations in the United States, digging in to the process of other-ing, being other-ed, and reclaiming radical connection.

Created and Performed by Maria Bauman. Dramaturg: Melanie George. Lighting Design: Tuçe Yasak. Sound Engineer: James Lo. Contributing Musician: Shea Rose. Scenic Consultation: Nontsikelelo Mutiti. Photo: Brian Rogers

The development of (re)Source was supported by the Artist in Residence program at Brooklyn Arts Exchange and by the Urban Bush Women Choreographic Center Initiative, as well as by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and Dance/NYC.