Thank Yous and Shouts-Out!

MBDance is an interdependent organization, offering inspired art and multiple touchpoints for connection and transformation. Lots of individuals and organizations support us in multiple ways, offering materials, money, and in-kind support. We celebrate and honor the exchange; here’s to sweating our truths and sweating each other!

Jawole Willa Jo Zollar
Dr. Kariamu Welsh
Liz Lerman
Emily Berry
Alicia Bauman-Morales
Larissa Sheldon
Ashley Phillips
Kathleen Davis
Kristine Haruna Lee
Denise Shu Mei
Paloma McGregor
Jesse Zaritt
Joseph Hall
Jason Brazelle
Melanie Cohn
Tatyana Tenenbaum
Xanthia Walker
Niya Nicholson
Adelaide Dicken
Nile Harris
Jane-Cole Raftery
Abigail Browde
Amy Smith
Efeya Sampson
Allishia Edmons
Kimberleigh Costanzo
Alice Sheppard
Abigail Zbikowski
Aurora Levins Morales
Mary Mikyung Suk
Vincent Thomas
Jumatatu Poe
Sharon Bridgforth
Syreeta Covington
Meropi Peponides
Andrew Suseno
Joyletta Finley-Bruno
Stephanie Mas
Marcia Brooks
Helen Tocci
Mimi McGurl
Aileen Marie Barry
Lizzy Fox
Lai-Lin Robinson
Alanna Morris-Van Tassel
Courtney Harris
Melanie George
Edisa K Weeks
Ganessa James
Marion Spencer
Juan Reyna
Russell Jones
Laura Marie Lomo Thompson
Chelsea M Gregory
Donna Costello

Brooklyn Arts Exchange
Urban Bush Women Choreographic Center Initiative
Harlem Stage Fund for New Work
CUNY Dance Initiative
Gibney Community Action Hub
Movement for the Urban Village Dance Company

Interested in Supporting?
GIVE HERE; It’s tax-deductible through Brooklyn Arts Exchange!