Community Action Artist Residency at Gibney Dance Center

We are thrilled to share that Maria is the 2017 Artist in Residence at Gibney Dance, and recipient of the Beth Silverman-Yam Social Action Award! This means that MBDance has space for creation, an exhibition in the gallery at 280 Broadway going up in July, and will offer multiple public workshops and panel discussions at Gibney based on the company’s latest work.

Maria’s residency is centered around the research and development of our new piece, dying and dying and dying, exploring issues of death, rest, and capitalism. She will also continue with the work of ACRE (Artists Co-Creating Real Equity), the collective she co-founded with Nathan Trice and Sarita Covington, using Gibney as a meeting space and a hub for public conversation.

Please look out for us at Gibney, and join us there!