These are the bodies that have not borne.

MBDance is growing a new piece: These are the bodies that have not borne. The project is a performance ritual centering the womb journeys of Black and Brown folks who are contending with not yet bearing a child through their own body–whether they expect to do that in the future or not. We know there is an abundance of experiences on womb journeys. Not bearing children may be a celebration, an expression of autonomy, a mourning, an unknown, a reclaiming, and more and more and more. Transwomen, gender non-conforming folks, ciswomen, transmen and non-binary people are all welcome. If you are contending with womb space or where womb space was or might be, this piece may be for you. We are welcoming interested folks to fit out a questionnaire by June 24, 2023. Questionnaire here:

In this digital collage multi-sized white black and brown empty bowls line the background. In the foreground is the beautiful profile of a brown person with a bun of locks, eyes open gazing upwards, one hand laid, palm out, on their cheek. Also pictured is soft white cloth, a lit white candle, a pair of brown hands cradling dirt, there is more dirt in the background, and a slender flowering branch. The person in profile is Ziiomi Law photographed by Maddy Talias. Collage by audrey hailes