Technique & Repertory Workshop with MBDance

New York dancers have been asking for MBDance classes while Maria was in graduate school. Now she’s back in New York and those classes are happening! Maria is teaching 10am-2pm Mon-Fri, June 19-23 at Gibney Dance Center.

This is a concentrated study of Maria’s dying and dying and dying (NY premier at Gibney in Sept)  for advanced contemporary dancers. dying and dying and dying is an exploration of rest, death, and  capitalism. Maria will begin each day with a two-hour technique class focusing on the physical capacities she uses in performance such as the mechanics of floor-work and using the hands like feet, vocal production while dancing, and articulate spinal expression. Then, in the afternoon she is leading participants in repertory-based generative time that includes structured improvisation and guided choreography assignments using the prompts she gave herself for dying and dying and dying. On the last day, we will host an invited showing for the participants at Gibney Dance Center.

June 19-23, 2017 I 10am-2pm 
Gibney Dance 53 Chambers St NY, NY