MBDance Interdependence Challenge!

MBDance is raising $2019 in honor of our continued growth in 2019! Our three-week campaign begins today and ends Monday, March 18. Please join us and invest now. Your support means the world to us! We’ve come a long way, and here’s to MBDance’s next phase of growth: larger works, bigger casts, higher production values, fuller manifestation of queer artist of color visions, and continuing to pay collaborators a fair wage. We’re interdependent with you, and we trust and celebrate that. Thank you! And every Interdependence Challenge investor–no matter the investment amount–is entered in a raffle to win two MBDance performance tickets for the CUNY Dance Initiative 5th Year Fest March 21-23 or for our April 5 & 6 new work showings at Brooklyn Arts Exchange (winner’s choice)!

GIVE HERE; It’s tax-deductible through Brooklyn Arts Exchange! 

MBDance centers people of color, both ideas and bodies, in performance without tragedizing or tokenizing us. We joyously undermine white patriarchy by being and by boldly performing our being-ness. MBDance sweatily and hungrily dances from the imaginations of our ancestors, from the imaginations of our future selves, and from our collective and interconnected imagination. We hold desire and delight as essential, and as belonging to Black people, Brown people, POC, Queer people, womxn, poor folks, many bodies. Sweat that with us! https://bit.ly/2St6WFg  #sweatyourtruth #mbdance #2019mbdanceinterdependence