Maria Bauman Guest Speaker on Gibran’s Podcast!

For episode 25, Maria speaks with Gibrán Rivera on accountability, wholeness, QTPOC Sankofa Dreaming mini-festival, what it means to ‘sweat’ your truth, and much more. 

If you grew up in 90’s you probably know what it meant to be “sweatin” somebody. It’s something like liking someone, and doing all sorts of things to make sure they know you like them. You are after them. And you might do a little too much to make sure they notice you.

What if you were just as committed, just as passionate, willing to go just as far, when it comes to sweatin’ your truth?

I imagine your body would move in all sorts of ways. I figure you would get in tune with others around you. I know you would not hide. You would let us see what you are finding, because you would know that we would find ourselves in it too.

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