Maria Bauman on Co-creating Our Spaces

Our Artistic Director Maria Bauman spoke with Alyssa Alpine, director of CUNY Dance Initiative; Brasilian multi-media artist and researcher Cláudio Beuno; Patrick “Pato” Hebert, Los Angeles-based artist and community organizer; João Simões, curator and artist based in Rio de Janeiro; and Kendra Sullivan, associate director of the CUNY Center for the Humanities; they discussed ways of creating spaces for people to be together, particularly LGBTQI people of color. The conversation, held last September, was facilitated by Jaime Shearn Coan, Digital Publics Fellow at The Center for the Humanities. The transcript was recently released. Read the whole discussion HERE.

Space and time, rhythms and vibrations. Creating space for bodies to be together, particularly LGBTQI people of color. Unregulated bodies, embodied bodies, moving bodies, still bodies. Alive bodies. What can happen in the duration. The hard work of alignment, liberation, transformation. Collectivity. Connectivity. How to live together—in the space of listening, in the space between rhythms. How to be rather than do, within racial capitalism. Centers and peripheries of power, spatial politics. Two-way travel between the academy and publics: meeting-places, pedagogical exchange. This is a held breath you might release to prepare for the polyrhythmic conversation that follows.