Renew & Restore workshop

Start date: May 3, 2017
End date: May 4, 2017
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Gibney Dance Chambers St.
Classes & Workshops

With Renew and Restore, Maria Bauman is creating time and context to slow down and to experience restoration within a capitalist climate which is depleting all of us. Drawing upon her background in partnered stretching and in designing and implementing movement experiences for people of all ages and levels of comfort in their bodies, she is offering safe tools for muscle ease and lengthening and greater breath awareness. We will relieve tension, increase flexibility, release stashed energy in the body, and take in the caring energy of the group—leaning on one another literally and figuratively for greater release than is possible alone. This two-hour workshop is all gender-inclusive, gender presentation-inclusive, age-inclusive, and body positive; people of all body types and levels of experience are welcome.One of Maria’s concerns within dying and dying and dying, her new work which will have its New York premier at Gibney in September, is our dwindling opportunity for rest, stillness, and renewal in the United States given increasing globalization and the commodification of almost everyone and everything. Hence, Renew and Restore: a time for us to partner up, slow down, stretch, and breathe.