MANCC Residency: Living the Archive of William R. Jones: A Symposium

Start date: January 17, 2023
End date: January 23, 2023
All-day event
Location: Florida State University
Panels & Discussions | Performances

This 3 day symposium invites former students, scholars, colleagues, and interested community members to the launch of the William R. Jones Papers, to continue the discourse of his legacy and thinking. In addition to the archive unveiling, a series of performances and panels will showcase original research on his life adding to the archival context for the published literature on Dr. Jones’ work.

During her second residency, Bauman, along with collaborators Audrey Hailes, Olivia Mozie, Rhapsody Stiggers and Embedded Writer/MANCC alumnus jumatatu poe, will further dive into her relationship with Dr. Jones as a former student, questioning and reconsidering her own assumptions about art making and socialization through engaging with Dr. Jones’ extensive collection of archived materials.

As part of Bauman’s creative process, she aims to explore Dr. Jones’ archives more extensively and create a representation of her residency time with his work through a presentation of physical scholarship as part of the January 2023 Dr. William R. Jones Symposium, hosted by FSU’s Special Collections and Archives, College of Fine Arts, and Department of Religion. She also intends to create a ‘zine as a passport into a constellation of thinking that includes images from both residencies and the eventual performance work she’ll be creating, with words crafted by poe and from interviews with Bauman and collaborators Audrey Hailes, Olivia Mozie, and Rhapsody Stiggers.

Photo credit: Chris Cameron