Gender Inclusive Uterine Health Support Group & Learning Circle with Ziiomi Law and Movement Synthesis by Maria Bauman

Date: April 20, 2024
Time: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Location: BAX | Brooklyn Arts Exchange 421 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215
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This space is tender. Participants can expect to be invited to share whatever feels safe about their own journey with their uterus/pelvic area/womb/any other term they may use to describe that place in their glorious bodies. You can share a lot or you can share nothing. We will hold it collectively. We will take time to journal and write to ourselves. We will share resources and offer support when welcomed to do so. There will be moments to reflect and process. We will hold ourselves lovingly within community and hopefully feel a little less alone and a little more connected in what we may be experiencing.

We hope you will join us if this sounds like a space you may need or desire, please come. This space is for you!

Ziiomi Law is a Blackqueer nonbinary icon. Professional dancer & performer, death doula, arts careworker, and writer++ nomadically based nowhere & working everywhere. Zii is an ever evolving Blackity Black, loudly queer artist, who sweats glitter & smells like sweet cocomango shea. They’re an embodied Et Cetera, period!

As a multi-hyphenate, they give big GLIT energy on their best day/s. When dueting with liberation Zii comes out to play as D R I P, the freest version of themmeselves who does not know a world without pleasure & hopes you never do either. Swimming in the erotic, slithering up poles, & dancing as a fireworker & flow arts aerialist brings themme joy.

They feel most fulfilled when collaborating on projects that feel like soul food. Raised in the South, grown across the East Coast, & seasoned with a generous dash of international spice; Zii carries home in their pockets.

You can find them luxuriating at the intersections of both/and. They believe if it ain’t a full body YES, it’s a no! It is always their intention to collaborate, explore, & share in the continued spirit & effort to heal Blackqueer bodies.

Ziiomi welcomes invitations to connect & create around: queering everything, worldbuilding/bending, immersive experiences, pleasure, liberation, ritual, Blackness, queer & trans magic, rest, living & dying from a place of satisfaction, & so much more this bio won’t hold. @ziiomizm

About the workshop series:
GLORIOUS BODIES: EARTH – AND SOMATIC – HEALING SERIES CENTERING BLACK AND BROWN TECHNOLOGIES, is a public workshop series, January through June 2024, based on themes from MBDance’s/Maria Bauman’s current dance-ritual-artwork, These are the bodies that have not borne.​ Our new work is an outdoor piece based on multiple seemingly related and unrelated themes, synthesized through the MBDancers’ bodies and imaginations as a ritual and a performance.​ Many folks have shared that they want to engage in these topics with MBDance, so we’re sharing some of our research prompts, exercises, and guest facilitators with YOU!