Connecting to the Divine Portal: an energy work & akashic records meditation with Alexeya and Movement Synthesis by Maria Bauman

Date: February 17, 2024
Time: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Location: BAX | Brooklyn Arts Exchange 421 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215
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Led by Alexeya with sound healing by Reiki Lune.

This session is designed to illuminate and activate the divine portal of creation within, revealing the seeds of new life that seek to be born through us. We will be engaging in a gathering of collective intention setting, guided energy work and akashic records meditation and group reflection.

The Akasha is an etheric plane which holds record of each soul’s journey across time and space. In the Akasha, we can clear karmic contracts, integrate new gifts and gain insights on how to maximize our highest vibrational resonance in our present lives.

Alexeya EM is an interdisciplinary performing artist and energy worker dedicated to raising the collective consciousness through her life and artistry. Her art exists at the intersection of music, choreography, leadership development, performance/event curation, mysticism, and energy work/healing arts. Through the themes of multidimensional expression, divinity, sacred sensuality, black liberation, and the divine feminine, Alexeya creates space for art and experiences that propel communal contemplation and transcendence.

She received a BA in Dance Studies from the University of South Florida with an emphasis on research in Leadership Studies. After which, she danced professionally for Gibney Dance Company and worked as a freelance choreographer, creative director and performance coach in both commercial and concert dance. In 2016, Alexeya founded LEAD: Leadership for Emerging Artist Development, an immersive training program providing emerging artists with tools to cultivate an inclusive leadership presence. She has conducted leadership seminars for NYU School of Professional Studies, MOVE|NYC|, and Gibney Dance Center, amongst others.

Alexeya has been releasing music as an independent recording artist since 2017. Her recent EP ‘ISIS’ explores the themes of cultivating the supreme divine feminine essence through embodied practice. She resides in New York City.

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About the workshop series:
GLORIOUS BODIES: EARTH – AND SOMATIC – HEALING SERIES CENTERING BLACK AND BROWN TECHNOLOGIES, is a public workshop series, January through June 2024, based on themes from MBDance’s/Maria Bauman’s current dance-ritual-artwork, These are the bodies that have not borne.​ Our new work is an outdoor piece based on multiple seemingly related and unrelated themes, synthesized through the MBDancers’ bodies and imaginations as a ritual and a performance.​ Many folks have shared that they want to engage in these topics with MBDance, so we’re sharing some of our research prompts, exercises, and guest facilitators with YOU!