Sacred Bleedings: The Period to Postpartum Continuum with Rochelle Jamila with Movement Synthesis by Maria Bauman

Date: January 20, 2024
Time: 1:20 pm - 4:30 pm
Location: BAX | Brooklyn Arts Exchange 421 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215
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In this workshop we will explore ancient practices for healthy periods and recovery following miscarriage, abortion, and birth. When we honor our periods as a mini postpartum, worthy of care and rest, we learn how to be present for all bleeding transitions. Rooted in her work as a period and postpartum doula, mover, and herbalist, Rochelle offers techniques and frameworks for honoring sacred bleeding.

This workshop will include guided self-touch and partnered touch. Those not interested in touch are still welcome to attend.

Rochelle Jamila is a performing artist, choreographer, holistic period and postpartum doula, and practitioner of the feminine arts committed to the sovereignty of birthing and bleeding people on Earth. She weaves, movement, sacred song, energy work, herbalism, and ancient womb wisdom to hold space for the continuum of the womb. Rochelle believes full spectrum womb care, from menarche to menopause, radically reorients bleeding people to their divine power. Rooted in legacies of Black southern midwives, freedom fighters, prayer warriors, and root workers, she honors womb and birth care as a front line for liberation and planetary healing. Rochelle is honored to have supported over 200 families through reproductive transitions.

Rochelle’s performance work imagines new worlds through channeled improvisation, earth-based ritual, and the physical and psychic realms of bleeding people. She is deeply influenced by her teachers within Indigenous Mexica and Tibetan Buddhist lineages as well as her family’s direct lineage in the Mississippi Delta and Caribbean. As a performer Rochelle has worked with artists such as Ebony Noelle Golden, Jasmine Hearn, Ambika Raina, Ogemdi Ude, Beth Gill, and Maya Lee Parritz. Rochelle graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Dance and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. She is currently blooming on occupied unceded Lenape and Canarsie land.

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About the workshop series:
GLORIOUS BODIES: EARTH – AND SOMATIC – HEALING SERIES CENTERING BLACK AND BROWN TECHNOLOGIES, is a public workshop series, January through June 2024, based on themes from MBDance’s/Maria Bauman’s current dance-ritual-artwork, These are the bodies that have not borne.​ Our new work is an outdoor piece based on multiple seemingly related and unrelated themes, synthesized through the MBDancers’ bodies and imaginations as a ritual and a performance.​ Many folks have shared that they want to engage in these topics with MBDance, so we’re sharing some of our research prompts, exercises, and guest facilitators with YOU!