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MBDance ABUNDANCE Fundraising Campaign for “These are the bodies that have not borne.”

Please join MBDance as we journey toward the premiere of These are the bodies that have not borne. Our new work is a monument, a healing portal, a reckoning for those of us who have not birthed another human through our bodies. Rooted in soil, directed by Maria Bauman, assisted by Audrey Hailes, and co-created […]

These are the bodies that have not borne.

These are the bodies that have not borne. is a reckoning, a prayer and a monument to grief and to spell-casting for Black and Brown people who have not birthed children through their bodies. Join us at BAAD! on October 13-14, 2023 for a work-in-progress performance-ritual with Maria Bauman and brilliant collaborators: Josiah Jay, Ke’Ron Jamaul, Rochelle Wilbun & Graciella Ye’Tsunami. […]

Talks on ‘These are the bodies that have not borne.’ with Ms. Melanie Person and Maria Bauman

Maria Bauman Guest Speaker on Gibran’s Podcast!

For episode 25, Maria speaks with Gibrán Rivera on accountability, wholeness, QTPOC Sankofa Dreaming mini-festival, what it means to ‘sweat’ your truth, and much more.  If you grew up in 90’s you probably know what it meant to be “sweatin” somebody. It’s something like liking someone, and doing all sorts of things to make sure […]


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Sweat Your Truth!

We sweat our truths, flying into the floor safely and using our hands like feet! MBDance classes focus on broadening the dancers’ physical resources while remaining true to their current range and strengths–contemporary dance emphasizing powerful, spatial fluidity and floorwork.

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Maria Bauman began MBDance in 2007 to create honest and bold artistic dances from a sense of physical and emotional power, an insistence on equity, and a fascination with intimacy and relationship. In particular, MBDances center the non-linear and linear stories and bodies of queer people of color onstage.

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